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The 9th Asia and Oceania Conference on Photobiology
21-24 September 2019
Crowne Plaza Qingdao Ocean Spring Resort, Qingdao, China

The 4th AOSP Awards (To be awarded in 2019 AOCP)

1) AOSP Award for Distinguished Contribution to Photobiology and AOSP
Dr. Tingyun Kuang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

2) AOSP Award
Dr. Kaoru Sugasawa (Kobe Univ., Japan)
Dr. Hidetoshi Iida (Tokyo Gakugei Univ., Japan)

3) AOSP Award for Young Scientists
Dr. Hongtao Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Dr. Noriyuki Suetsugu (Kyoto Univ., Japan)




Minute of the AOSP Board Meeting at AOCP2011

Date: July 31, 2011, 13:00~14:15
Place: Nara Prefecture New Public Hall Meeting Room 3
Japan: Tetsuo Majima, Takeshi Todo, Masamitsu Wada, Motoyuki Tsuda,
Yoshinori Shichida, Moritoshi Iino, Akihisa Terakita
China: Yao-Xiong Huang, Jicun Ren, Yang Tian
Korea: Choon-Hwan Lee, Tae-Ryong Hahn, Pill-Soon Song
Australia: Gary M. Hallliday, Min Chen
India: Chandana Haldar
Chinese Taipei: Kuo Chu Hwang, Xian Jin Wang, Shih-Long Tu

At the beginning of the AOSP meeting, the following proposals were made by modulator, Prof. Todo (5th AOCP local organizer) and have been approved.

  • “Although Prof. Chandana Haldar (India), AOSP President, was originally appointed as the chairperson, we would like to ask Prof. Majima (AOSP President-Elect, 5th AOCP President) to take the role as per the Prof. Haldar’s recommendation.”

Prof. Majima made an address as the chairperson.

The outline of participants and other matters of AOCP 2011 were presented by Prof. Todo.

Prof. Majima made a proposal of introducing a poster award at the AOCP2011. The summary is that the award winners are chosen by the attendees of this AOSP meeting as judges (ask others if it is difficult) and each judge selects 3-4 candidates. These suggestions were supported by all attendees.

Prof. Majima reported that Prof. Gary M Halliday (University of Sydney) has informally consented hosting the 6th ACOP and checked whether any other countries or regions were proposing.

Australia hosting the 6th AOCP was confirmed.

Prof. Halliday made a hosting address and suggested 2013 October to November at University of Sydney for the 6th AOCP (the weather is best in November).

The opinions on the date of the 6th AOCP were exchanged by the attendees and it was concluded that 2013 mid-November would be the best.

Prof. Majima confirmed the past hosting countries (Japan --> Korea --> China --> India --> Japan --> Australia), and it was explained that Prof. Kuo Chu Hwang was eager to hold the 7th AOCP in Taiwan. Prof. Hwang stated that it would be fine 90%, but the 10% would be due to a financial concern.

The following suggestions were made by Prof. Majima to further revitalize AOSP and they were supported by all the attendees.
The necessity of organizational reconstruction: Will contact later day and re-confirm the board members
The AOSP administration office: Both the administration and accounting are to be in Japan. Prof. Todo is the head of administration (double as a treasurer)
Website:Will be financed by PAJ (Japan) and created
Awards to former AOSP presidents/committee members and young /senior scientists who have made distinguished achievements in photobiology. Regarding cost for reward: membership fee; each country contributes $100-200. The saving can be made if paid in cash in Nara.

The suggestion to create email list and utilize it for correspondence as well as the website was made.

The suggestion that the conference is to be held every three years was made by Prof. Masamitsu Wada and discussed. The majority agreed to ‘hold every other year officially and taking circumstances such as the timing with other international conferences into consideration, a host could extend the frequency up to three years’. Prof. Haldar stated that having 4 years gap would be too long and that was confirmed.

The matter regarding the next board members was verbally confirmed. Prof. Motoyuki Tsuda and Prof. Wada made an address about their resignations.

The board members of Korea expressed a strong opinion regarding arrangement of the contents of keynote lectures and symposiums in AOCP 2011; the contents should have been consulted with all of the board members in prior.

Prof. Todo made apologies on not enough consultations were made with ACOP 2011.

Prof. Moritoshi Iino suggested that the record should be kept on the strategy on how to decide keynote lectures and symposiums.



16th International Congress on Photobiology


September 7th-12th, 2014, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina
Download: Accomodation.pdf

10th International Congress on Plant Molecular Biology

October 21~26, 2012, Jeju, Korea
There will be 6 plant photobiology symposia:
Photosynthesis: Systems Approach (D. Leister, Chair)
Photosynthesis: Emerging Issues (P. Gardestrom, Chair)
Plant Photobiology of Blue Light Responses (M. Wada, Chair)
Photoreception: Early Events in Phytochrome Signaling (J. Lagarias, Chair)
Photoreceptor Structure/Function (R. Vierstra, Chair)
Photoreception: Downstream Signaling (P. Quail, Chair)